Let’s Go on an Adventure!

Did you ever play the game of Life? That tiny plastic figurine in a car cruising all around the board represented you. Whether you were the Doctor or lived in the Fixer -Upper, your figurine never created any friends. They and their family traversed through life alone, but loneliness should never describe our lives. Let us ride along with you and your family though the journey of life. We may start off as strangers, but we’ll end as family.

Life Groups

Community is a backbone of the Church. In a hurting, lonely world, people are desperately searching for love, and the church should be where they experience it. We encourage members to open up their homes and lives to others to share the love of Christ. None of us are perfect, and that’s why we need each other.

Bible Study

You can’t love that which you do not know. This is why Christ requires Devotion of believers. One of the best ways to deepen your relationship with the Lord is to study Scripture. So, why not do so with friends? Bible Studies with friends are an excellent way to explore your faith. At New Life Church, we encourage members to dive into the Bible together, building their relationship with the Lord and each other.


The Christian life is built upon service. While our salvation isn’t based on good deeds, we should bear fruit out of love for our Savior. At New Life we encourage our members to serve individually and as a church.